ITG is a profit limited company, which aim is to contribute to the local socio-economic development working, at a national and international level, in the area of research and training and providing technical assistance for public Institutions, private organizations and the private social sector. Existing today throughout the French territory with more than 3500 consultants, the Group ITG since 1996 acknowledged expertise in all areas of consulting, study and training, including a complete range of training activities addressing entrepreneurs, coworkers to establish good relation and maintain people with mental disabilities in work place. It has developed, for its consultants tailor-made services such as expertise and experience in the field of training, lifelong learning and management within France, Europe and at international level. ITG thanks to its own training center provide training and coaching in 10 cities in France.


“IASIS” is non-governmental, non-profit organization active in the field of Social Inclusion, Mental Health and De-institutionalization, which actively participates in the psychiatric reform promoted by the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity and the European Union. IASIS has an official registration as Private Non-Profit Organization and a Special Registration in Voluntary Non-Governmental Organizations Lists handled by General Directorate of Welfare (09110AEN21094O32N-0798 and 09110AEN21094O32N-0721). IASIS NGO also has Management Competence System certified by the Special Service / Department of Health and Social Solidarity (No. 1483/13.06.18). Organization’s main objective is to provide psychosocial support and education to people who either belong to the range of or are at risk of exclusion, and to adult learners in the humanitarian field.


BEST Institut für berufsbezogene Weiterbildung und Personaltraining GmbH ( was founded in 1990 as an independent Austrian organisation for providing continuous training, vocational qualification and career services. Its main activities comprise the development of innovative training programmes for young (+16) individuals and adults, many of them disadvantaged and with migration background, on continuous and vocational training, counselling & coaching and activation for job seekers and employees. The training schemes are client-oriented and based on both the specific needs of the labour market and the participants' individual situations, skills and competences, previous experience and life circumstances.
The institute has its headquarters in Vienna and operates five branches in the Vienna and Lower Austria region up to 15.000 students per year with some 200 staff members. The innovative training programmes for different target groups include own pedagogic and didactic approaches and materials, especially for social integration, empowerment, self-reflection and motivation, as well as ICT based methods which are constantly being updated.

Business Foundation for Education (BFE)

Business Foundation for Education (BFE) is a Bulgarian non-government organization, established in 2005 to act in public interest. Its mission is to facilitate the development of the civil society through initiatives that enhance human resource competitiveness and contribute to economic development and prosperity. To achieve its goals the Foundation implements variety of projects focused in the fields of lifelong learning, guidance counselling, employment and social policy, vocational education and youth work.

Asociación La Bien Pagá Espacio Escénico

LBP manages a cultural and educational centre created with the aim of promote culture and arts and aiming at empowering unprivileged groups to develop their physical, social, emotional and cognitive abilities and to experience achievement, leadership, enjoyment, friendship, recognition and integration in society. LBP provides language courses, coaching, career guidance and adult education in basic skills.
The Center offers organized instructional programs for cultural activities such as dance, music and theatre. It also offers opportunities for unstructured activities such as game playing, socializing, club meetings and outdoor play. It also offers a wider variety of programs and transitional support activities promoting positive youth development. Its program model recognizes the developmental needs of children and youth and encourages them during the various phases of their social, physical and intellectual maturation.


INFODEF, Institute for the Promotion of Development and Training, is a private and independent center for Research, Development and Innovation whose mission is to design and carry out projects that contribute to achieve a sustainable and inclusive development through education, culture and innovation. The center designs and develops innovative tools, methodologies, products and services that respond to current social and economic challenges and enable to anticipate and drive the changes needed to achieve future goals and objectives in society.
One of the main areas of expertise of INFODEF is the design of innovative methodologies and tools to support the activity of the professional that work with specific target groups, such as young people, migrants, low-skilled adults, people with disabilities, offenders and other unprivileged groups. INFODEF has participated or coordinated 27 European projects in the field of innovation applied to youth, education and training, funded by the Lifelong Learning and the Erasmus+ programmes of the European Commission.

InnoQuality Systems

InnoQuality Systems (INQS) provides program and policy services designed to enable positive and progressive student and teacher outcomes in early childhood, primary, postsecondary, VET and adult education. Supporting learning across a lifetime from early care for infants and toddlers through college and workforce training, our innovative approaches and methodologies address critical questions and improve the quality of educational programs. Our wealth of professional expertise and experience has generated a portfolio of evidence-based solutions and methodologies that can be applied to new challenges as the education landscape continues to evolve.
InnoQuality Systems’s program evaluations provide real-time input on implementation and key insights regarding outcomes. From our deep understanding of the education challenges faced globally at national levels we provide our collaborators and clients with state-of-the-art methodologies enabling them to turn research into practice, driving improved efficacy and sustainability of educational programs nationwide.

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